The Project Execution Group Advantage

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Better advice, better preparation, better results

At PEG, we are a professional services company employing a standardized approach designed to optimize the process within an organization and within a project, to achieve more efficient and more predictable results. We engage in process improvement to assist companies in identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes to meet new goals and objectives such as increasing profits and performance, reducing costs, and accelerating schedules.

Our belief at PEG is the foundation of any effective system is one that delivers the results desired by each organization. We do not simply drop in “template processes”. We consider best practices while designing fit for purpose systems which ensure critical processes are addressed across an organization.

Establishing the baseline processes to be applied across all projects within an organization drives the ability to:

  • gather data consistently
  • create information that is meaningful and comparable
  • analyze performance
  • provide feedback loop to assess and improve assumptions, estimate and execution

Subject Matter Experts (SME) and generalists are employed on our PEG team, so we can appropriately provide oversight across processes while driving to a high degree of detail when relevant. The scope of experience our SME utilize across varied project types and sizes ensure our Senior Process Analysts provide functionality and consistency across all processes. When there is consistency, it reduces variation and/or waste so your desired outcome can be reached with better utilization of resources.

Striving for excellence

Project 3-7
Our strategy at PEG begins with establishing clear priorities and actively pursuing innovative and bold approaches to deliver desirable results for our clients. The passion we have for repeated success fuels our intense focus on continuous improvement which has led to recognition both in the industry and, more importantly, from our clients.

Our goal is to deliver sustainable, safe and profitable projects for our clients in the mining, oil and gas, energy, environment, health care and infrastructure markets.

At PEG, we continuously strive for excellence and to maintain our proven track record by employing the industry’s most accomplished professionals. The combination of our people and our successful outcomes translates to content and satisfied clients, time and again.

Solutions to strengthen and enhance your business

Typically, when a desired outcome is NOT met, there has been an oversight within the technical realm. What’s required is the experience to objectively analyze your current process while immediately identifying the gaps. Those gaps then need to align with your current strategy, so the end result is a detailed process which has been uniquely designed for your business.

That design process should translate across multiple projects. At PEG, we certainly go in at a project level, but ultimately we look at the bigger picture. The process you design now should influence all future projects. Keeping your company’s strategies and goals as the driving force, your process should apply to ALL projects; not just one.

Up in the boardrooms and down in the trenches, we have the combined expertise and experience to deliver the results YOU want. There is always full transparency – everything laid out on the table for everyone to see. Whether you need specific documentation or someone to strap on a pair of work boots, you have access to everyone at PEG, at any time.

Experience, integrity and focus

resultsThroughout a project’s lifecycle, our professionals have the experience and the know-how to manage risk and apply innovative and creative approaches at every stage.

Technically-focused: supporting your process with a technical slant
Multi-Project support: designing your company for long term success
Experience on every level: increasing your confidence by sharing our knowledge

You can execute project after project with increased confidence knowing that the process and procedures in place are accurate, efficient, and ultimately successful.

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