Project Support

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It’s possible with the drive, focus and support

PEG has a traditional Project Management Office (PMO) offering an array of project specialists across
the Project Management disciplines of:

– Construction Management
– Estimating
– Planning
– Project Controls (cost & schedule)
– Supply Chain Management
– Quality
– Commissioning
– Start-up and Turnover

Our Teams can provide Subject Matter Experts (SME), offering functional leadership for their specific area while providing various support personnel, all the way through to providing complete project oversight across all areas of project management. Working within discipline groups or as a complete Team, PEG offers technology and processes to support the functional activities.

PEG provides an integrated Project Team acting as a participant of your in-house team, putting the PM in the driver’s seat. Within PEG’s assimilated Project Management and Control solution, we can provide an enterprise class Portfolio Management solution for Facility Owner/Operators, Property Managers and Construction Professionals. We work to ensure the tools and systems work for you rather than making you work for the tools.

Estimating & Planning

Effective project planning can be the difference between being a project hero and being responsible for project failure. Despite the best laid plans, every project carries uncertainty and risk which all too often lead to cost and schedule overruns. Project Management tends to be overly optimistic in establishing cost and schedule baselines (targets) and this is largely due to inadequate consideration for known unknowns during the planning process.

Project Controls

At PEG, our Project Controls offers a group of specialists who are advocates for, and charged with, the responsibility of facilitating the Project Control process. This division acts as a service group to (and extension of) the Project Manager who has the ultimate control responsibility.

By helping to focus on executing the right work at the right time, PEG provides Stakeholders with:

  • Timely, accurate cost and schedule information and analysis
  • Highlight baseline deviations and potential problems/opportunities as early as possible
  • Recommend corrective action for timely decision and implementation to minimize impacts
  • project risks identified, quantified and mitigating measures established
  • Evaluate effectiveness of actions implemented
  • Ensure a “No Surprise” cost.schedule environment exists
  • Ensure cost/schedule information is compiled in a consistent manner and base-lined for evaluation, close-out and benchmarking
  • Provide tools for effective collaboration and communication with all Stakeholders

Supply Chain Management

As part of the integrated Project Team, PEG’s Supply Management specialists offer leadership in the development and implementation of a Project Supply Management plan. This integrates with and supports the project’s objectives through:

  • Determination of client’s degree of risk tolerance
  • Sourcing strategies based on current market conditions, client’s risk tolerance and the project’s priorities, including:


•  Make or buy decisions
•  Local or global sourcing
•  Competitive bidding or single sourcing
•  Early procurement of long lead items
•  Selection of appropriate contract types i.e. Lump Sum, Target Price, Time and Material
•  Project logistics


  • Contract Management including:


•  Contract administration
•  Expediting
•  Supplier/contractor management including establishment of contract Key Performance Indicators
•  Change order management
•  Contract close out


Quality Management

PEG supports clients by providing functional, practical and non-confrontational assessments of the work processes. Our teams work with the companies involved in Managing, Engineering, Controlling, Procuring, Manufacturing, and Constructing to validate that work processes exist and are being followed.

We identify significant risks to the successful completion of the work and support the client by developing robust mitigation strategies. This has had a major positive impact on the success of capital spends in client organizations. All assessments are weighed against PEG’s standard work practices and internationally accepted standards such as ISO 21500 (Guidance on Project Management), PMBOK, or other industry best practices. PEG’s experience and understanding of successful work processes has provided clients with strength and the ability to improve the execution of their capital work.

Construction Management

PEG provides construction management advice and support, health, safety, sustainability, environmental and quality direction and support, and commissioning and start-up as part of our services. Even though we may not be the builder of the project, we are there for the owner, overseeing all the work, ensuring good communication, managing the vendors and contractors and reporting the progress to the owner.

Project Management

Project Leaders strive to advance projects while managing conflicting priorities and shifting objectives. Each initiative is crucial but the pressure on strained resources only increases.

Tasks start to fall behind, employees become disengaged, stakeholders are fed up, and costs compound. To help PMs utilize resources efficiently and keep variables in check, PEG provides project management services to assist in the planning and successful execution of projects.

Clients achieve certainty of success with experienced and dedicated project leaders. PEG’s Project Teams manage all aspects of capital projects. We utilize a common approach to project management when executing projects. It combines an assurance framework for project delivery with access to a comprehensive reference framework of guidance, tools and best practice examples. It is part of a fully interfaced set of work processes which give us a consistent and dependable approach to complete, successful delivery of all our projects, every time.


PEG audits, validates and certifies the completeness, accuracy and traceability of key project turnover documentation. This ensures that projects are supported by essential evidence and that the entirety of the project can be turned over to operations with confidence that base information is available to support the complete lifecycle of the facility. Whether the requirement is operational or regulatory compliance, PEG offers confidence in documentation and the ability to retrieve and verify the traceability of critical information for the asset.