Richard Craig

Richard is a Founder and the Technical Lead of Project Execution Group, where he focuses his attention on delivering project effectiveness, particularly as it relates to engineering and various technical components. He concentrates on leveraging PEG’s strong core of project specific employees to help drive successful execution.

Richard brings the benefit of his long and detailed experience with process engineering and his focused commitment to ensuring that PEG and our clients & partners mutually benefit from the relationship. He has business experience extending from China to Australia, from North Africa to Europe, executing innovative processes and major capital projects.

Graduating with a B. Chem, Eng. from the University of Queensland, Richard’s enthusiastic approach is evident in his passion for learning and continually seeking out new ideas and information. He particularly enjoys interacting with people and thrives in the details and the diversity, finding ways to problem solve and execute. 



VP & Senior Technical Analyst

(403) 774-9101



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