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Manage your project the right way

One of the biggest challenges for project-intensive organizations is managing the portfolio of projects underway at any one time. Project Execution Group understands those challenges only too well, which is why we recommend, sell, implement and support PMWeb.

As PMWeb’s exclusive Canadian Global Partner, PEG offers end to end PMWeb services – from licence sales, to implementations, to providing ongoing technical and functional support.

PMWeb is closely aligned with PEG’s belief in the discipline of great project delivery. PMWeb’s Portfolio/Program/Project Management solution helps organizations complete projects on-time and within budget by enabling them to prioritize, plan, manage and evaluate projects and programs.


Planning The PMWeb Planning module supports both a “top-down” and “bottom-up” approach which provides the needed flexibility in planning projects.Score, rate, prioritize, review and approve potential projects in a shared environment.
Estimating PMWeb Estimating provides comprehensive features to develop detailed estimates. Users can interact in a familiar format similar to a spreadsheet and can build estimates from assemblies, items catalogs or Excel.
Scheduling PMWeb Scheduling is integrated directly into client plans. The Scheduling module enables the user to easily assign tasks, milestones and resources. In addition, the user can create schedules from templates available directly in PMWeb or import templates from other systems.

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