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Business Plan

Business Transition Team (BTT) is an innovative project and business transition service providing a unique, comprehensive solution for financial and wealth management, and corporate development. From financial planning through to money management for individuals and corporate entities, BTT facilitates transitions throughout the corporate life cycle helping owners identify the potential of their holdings and realize the full value of their personal wealth.

BTT has experience in serving energy, transportation, municipal, technology, health care, infrastructure and related supply and service clients since 2000. Our expertise spans organizational structure from shareholders and private equity through Boards, executive management, functional management and project systems. The BTT team brings geographic experience across Canada, USA, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and China.


BTT includes seasoned executives with proven experience as trusted advisors; a team of leaders in operational excellence, value creation, finance M&A, project management, corporate/family governance, and wealth management. With specialists in managing and facilitating corporate transitions, BTT is process driven with measurable, repeatable, predictable and consistent results to create value for shareholders, owners, and future generations.

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